Visi šausminājās, ka vecā sieva neēd, līdz viņi izdzirdēja šo!

old couple sharing

Visi juta līdzi šim pensionāru pārim, taču tas, kas notika pēc tam, visus pārsteidza.

Lai uzzinātu vairāk, šķir nākamo lapu!

Iesaki šo rakstu citiem!


  • <cite class="fn">kaktuss.</cite>

    Vislabaakaa anekdote peedejaa laikaa,bet varbuut taa ir iisteniiba?

  • <cite class="fn">ome</cite>

    ak ,jē!

  • <cite class="fn">ja?</cite>

    laba anekdote, bet virsraksts gan pretīgs.
    Vecā sieva…..

    • <cite class="fn">Mattie</cite>

      “Ella se fue con un niño piHooooooo en un FOLOPEUA blanco…”Anda que no está clpoJ,rosete,aarece mentira que te tiraras 3 meses en Granada y no aprendieras nada jeje aunque éste es un especimen raro de encontrar y único en su especie y por eso llama al vehiculo como le da la gana…. ;p jeje No vale decir que hay premio para el que lo adivine y no decir cual es el premio…

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      Yeah kind of a publicity stunt on my move, by creating a brand new post it emails people again with the new blog 🙂 Then I moved the old one to draft mode so it didn’t appear twice, so the comments do still exist just only I can see them :)I spent as much time on the video as I did in Toronto! But that was because of Winblows, I had to start over after I’d finished due to Winblows.I’m gonna add your ratings. Cheers sir!

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      Ce sa zic, frumos.Dar m-a lovit diferenta imensa dintre comentariile tale ironice, uneori la misto si textul asta sensibil si dureros.Sa intelegem ca sub carapacea dura e un suflet cald si speriat de vesnic copil ?

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      , but the GTT is NOT a good way to diagnose RH. IF that’s what your endo was trying to look for…find another doctor who is more knowledgeable with current tests. The only two tests that can diagnose RH are the home test (ambulatory testing with a meter) and the hyperglucidic breakfast test. You *might* have luck with a 5-hour GTT but if you do have RH, that test can be HELL as usually around hour 2-3 you’ll have a severe crash.Best of luck with getting a diagnosis!Stephanie

    • <cite class="fn">kredit für haus als student</cite>

      Rebecca Olesen – Yeah all he did was open fire and try to kill 5 cops with his car. And the BP Shooting? Yeah, HE shot that dude. Why are you surprised he lived nearby? Common M.O.And what he had been arrested lik 22 times? The real RAYMOND was a criminal. The whole thing was caught on tape. The videographer can be heard stating someone in the car was firing on police. Get real. Another 2 bit thug.

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